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Car key spy cam takes car keying to a whole new level

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

These spy cameras are getting better, smaller and cheaper as each day goes by. Besided mounting them on a radio controlled vehicle, the practical use of these devices always seem to be a bit shady, but that doesn’t make them less awesome for us gadget freaks. The latest Sound Activated Car Key Mini Camera Mini DV Support 16 TF Card (Black) is especially hard to identify as a camera and records video in 720×480 with 30 frames per second. Like many other spycams, this is probably upscaled from 640×480, but video quality is still quite impressive for a gadget that costs only $17.77/€13.97 with free worldwide shipping. Expect more videos of things people don’t want to have recorded to hit the net soon. Video made by a similar cam after the break.