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Unlocked iPhone 4 16GB pre-orders for $699.99/€564.82

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Hong Kong based webshop AllPMP is now taking pre-orders for the unlocked iPhone 4 16GB for $699.99/€564.82, which is quite cheap compared to other webshops and even eBay. The iPhone 4 16GB retails in Europe for around €900 so even with taxes and shipping costs added, this will save you some serious bucks. The only downside is that they expect to ship them around 15 October.


iPod / iPhone Mini Microphone for less than $3

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

DealExtreme just started selling the Mini Microphone for iPhone 3G/iPod Nano 4G/iPod Touch 2G/iPod Classic 120 for a measly $2.97/€2.07 with worldwide shipping included. Besides all these Apple products, this cute little mic will also work with any other device that has a 3.5mm microphone input. It’s available in black, white, yellow, blue and pink.

Meizu M8 16GB available at DealExtreme

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Only days after Apple announced the iPhone to the world, rumours started spreading that Meizu would release another Apple inspired product that would blow the iPhone out of the water with much better specs. Before these remours, Meizu already impressed the world by releasing the excellent Nano inspired M6 Mini Player, later dubbed the Meizu SL. When the Meizu M8 was finally released after more than a year of delays, it clearly wasn’t the iPhone killer people hoped it would be. But, this device is still quite good in it’s own right and has enough to offer to stay out of the field of cheap iPhone clones.

It has a beautiful 3.4″ 720×480(more than twice the amount of pixels found on the iPhone) touchscreen, boasts WiFi, runs a custom Windows CE OS, supports a whole lot of media codecs and doesn’t have to be jailbreaked to run whatever you want. The downsides? No GPS, no 3G and dual-band only, so it won’t work in the States. However if you live in Europe and don’t care about GPS or 3G, there are only few similarly priced smartphones that come close to the M8. Otherwise, you might want to wait until the M9 with 3G will be released, probably somewhere in 2010.

The Meizu M8 16GB is now available for $411/€287 at DealExtreme, which is sadly quite a bit more than expected compared to the 8GB version priced at $338.90/€237.