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GPS keychain looks like a Tamagotchi

Friday, September 10th, 2010

It just seems like yesterday when an ugly pixelized virtual pet on keychain took over the world and now you can use the GPS Receiver + Location Finder Keychain (PG03 Mini GPS) to find your way back to any stored point of interest. Technology advances so quickly. The neat little gadget is quite handy to get back to your parked car or tent on a festival campsite. It’s also capable of recording the travel speed and time and it’s possible to to view the current velocity and altitude. Pretty sweet. At $35.25/€27.72 it’s not very expensive either.


Ranger GPS Navigation System for NDS Lite

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

DealExtreme just started selling the Ranger GPS Navigation System for NDS Lite for $59.22/€40.42. This device adds GPS to your Nintendo DS (Lite), although it won’t work with the DSi because it uses Slot 2. To use the Ranger, you have convert map from Google Maps and copy it to a MicroSD card which you put into the device. While it is possible to add POIs(Point Of Interests) it’s basically a big image map with your position projected on it. So unlike most other GPS devices, you won’t get turn by turn directions, rendering the Ranger quite useless for car navigation. However, for some on foot navigation it might be a pretty cheap solution and it would be nice to see if there will be any homebrew software that makes use of this device.