SmartQ V5 Review

Here it is, the world’s first review of the SmartQ V5, the so called HDMID, a high definition mobile internet device. The SmartQ V5 is the successor to the SmartQ 5, a nice and affordable gadget that gained a modest, but active following of tech and Linux enthusiasts. China-based Smart Devices tried to address the shortcomings of the SmartQ 5 and added new features to the SmartQ V5, like 1080p video playback and three pre-installed operating systems. Read on to find out if they succeeded.


Like the SmartQ 5 and SmartQ 7, I ordered the SmartQ V5 from AllPMP for $188.99/€140.16 (the current price is $149.99/€118.06). As usual, they shipped it within hours. I received my device less than a week later and that was via cheap and slow air mail.

For those who don’t know: the SmartQ devices are cheap MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), capable of running Linux and a slew of other operating systems, like Windows CE and Android. They’re used as internet tablets, eBook/comic book readers and much more. The newer SmartQ V5 and V7 even support 1080p video playback. Unlike most other devices, the SmartQ MIDs are very opened to install and do whatever you want.

  1. Introduction
  2. Hardware and design
  3. Linux and software
  4. Windows CE and Android
  5. Conclusion

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