SmartQ 5 MID Review

It doesn’t happen too often that a company from China releases a device that immediately sparks a buzz amongst tech enthusiasts around the globe. Meizu managed to do it with their products, and now it’s Smart Devices’ turn with their Linux based SmartQ 5 and SmartQ 7 Mobile Internet Devices(MIDs). The SmartQ 5 is the smallest of the two, but unlike the term MID suggests, this pocket sized device is capable of doing much more than just some simple web browsing, mailing and instant messaging. Driven by a Ubuntu based Linux OS, the SmartQ 5 is perfectly capable of performing tasks like running e-book/comic book readers, remote desktop apps, torrent clients and some light multimedia playback.


First, I ordered the SmartQ 5 from DealExtreme for $151.51/€106.17 where they were supposed to be in stock. Apparently they weren’t, so after a week with the order on pending status, I decided to spend a few more bucks and order it from Allpmp for $154.90/€108.55. A few hours later it shipped and when I received it, they already installed the latest firmware and included a free powerplug converter. Kudos for Allpmp. For the unboxing video and first impressions, head over to this previous article.

  1. Introduction
  2. Hardware and operating systems
  3. Software and video
  4. Conclusion

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