Mini MP3 dance pad will let you play with your finger

The best gadgets are the ones that are useless but fun and this one exactly fits the bill. All you basically do is try to keep up with the game by pressing the buttons that light up as fast as possible and advance to the next stage. The nifty part is that MP3 files can be loaded to the 128MB of flash memory on the device, so you don’t have to listen to those horrible bleepy electronic tunes that usually can be found on cheap electronic games. It’s basically a pocked sized version of Dance Dance Revolutiomn. According to the box, you will ‘play with your finger and open your wisdom’. No idea whether or not that that’s actually the case, but for $17.10/€13.35 at DealExtreme it seems like a pretty nice desk toy to kill some time. It’s also available with some other artwork on top.

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